Get Inspired!

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from Amanda’s Blog: This Chick I Know. You can visit Amanda’s blog by clicking here.  Amanda always wanted readers to be reminded of how beautiful life is in the every day moments…and the adventurous ones. She wanted to challenge readers to see their lives through a different lens.

Lindsey, Amanda’s sister, has continued This Chick I Know as it was one of Amanda’s passion projects and Lindsey felt it was one thing that needed to be continued for Amanda.

“It’s not the miles or the hills or the heat that are draining, it’s the weight you carry on your back. As in life, the more you carry (both physically and emotionally), the harder it will be to get through each day. As you make your way, its important to lighten your load. Forgive, let go, release yourself from the weight that is holding you down from moving forward.” 
-The Way Blog, November 2017 
“Ten years ago I started a bucket list. By started, I mean, I began (and will forever continue) to physically write down the epic adventures I’d like to do in my lifetime. As of now, I have 32 written down (8 of which I’ve accomplished.) It’s funny how real things become when you put them in writing.”
-Is This a Sign? Blog, September 2017
“See, that’s the thing about just flowing with life and not planning. You don’t have time to form expectations about anything. In this case, everything amazed us. We had no idea the awe we were literally stepping into.”
-Black Mountain Flow Blog, August 2017
“When I think about creating a life that I seek to live, I think of days filled with passion and awe. I think of love and contentment. I think of not having to justify one second of this life I chose.”
 -Create Your Surrender Blog, May 2017
“I wonder what life would be if I would just be for a while.”
-Just Be Blog, June 2017
You see, in the end, its not what we can see that makes a place beautiful, it’s how we feel when we were there. Those feelings are only obtained by the people. People are what give travel and life it’s actual beauty.”
-Vietnam Vibes Blog, November 2017


Amanda was a firm believer in “write it down, whatever it is, and make it happen!” This is the bucket list Amanda created for herself…she conquer many of these items herself but her family is working their way through the rest. Jeff, Cheryl, Lindsey (with Derek and Ayla) will check the rest off of the list for her. Amanda would want everyone reading this to make sure they have a bucket list of their own…create your own adventure, make it as big or as small as you’d like!