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In August 2018, one of Amanda’s all time idols, Dolly Rademaker Thornton, conquered the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  Dolly shared her story with us. Dolly wrote, “I just wanted you to know that I made something happen that I’ve always wanted to do and it was In memory of Amanda. I went backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountain range with my sister and a couple of friends. We stayed three nights 8 miles into the Sierras. It was quite the experience. We stayed at a beautiful spot called the 4th recess in the John Muhr Wilderness. I thought of your family and Amanda as I was looking at the stars at night and the beautiful lake and mountains in the morning.” Dolly, thank you for sharing your story, being an outstanding role model, and continuing to chase your dreams!


June 10th – 19th Cornell High School traveled to various regions in Costa Rica to serve and work with local communities. While there they had the opportunity to make a park bench in honor and memory of Amanda. In order to make a sustainable bench, the students were taught how to use plastic bottles and concrete to create the seating. The students filled over 300 plastic bottles with dirt and then painted the bottoms of the bottles yellow. They then mixed concrete and layered the bottles with the concrete. The local community allowed the team to write Amanda’s name in the wet concrete as a way to honor her memory and her time in Costa Rica. The park bench overlooks the community soccer field in San Pedro and will be a place for families to sit and watch games together. ​