What’s Happening


Every year the Amanda Geissler Memorial Foundation works to make an impact on the local community with an emphasis around educational opportunities for women and children.

A few of our the local organizations that we have worked with are:

  • Beaver Creek Reserve
  • Open Door Free Clinic
  • Bolton House
  • Thorp High School (scholarship opportunities)
  • Feed My People Food Bank
  • Whiz Kids


– Donations to Local Food Pantries ( Feed My People – Chippewa Valley)

– Holiday Gifting for Local Children (Chippewa Valley & Milwaukee Area)

– The Amanda Geissler Memorial Foundation was able to partner with Pencils of Promise and have successfully completed TWO schools in Amanda’s honor.

Two schools built in Ghana Africa were in partnership with Pencils of Promise.
Click here for more information on Amanda’s school in Awate Tornu, Ghana.
Click here for more information on Amanda’s school in Adzorti, Ghana.

Projects Prior to 2021​: 
– The Amanda Geissler Foundation Inc. was able to sponsor ten girls through Pencils of Promise – Season of Promise. This donation went to help educate young women worldwide.

“130 million girls around the world are out of school today. Not by choice, but because societal norms, cultural expectations, a lack of resources, improper infrastructure and more, are preventing them from having access to the education that every child deserves.

This holiday season, we’re advocating on behalf of girls worldwide. Why? Because quality education empowers girls to write their own future, enables them to contribute to their local communities, and ultimately, encourages them to become agents of change. Educating girls will not only impact their individual lives, but it will lessen poverty, grow economies, increase familial stability and, ultimately, transform OUR world.

Together, we can bring gender equality into the classroom and start to build a brighter future for all girls.” (Pencils of Promise Website)


The Amanda Geissler Foundation Inc. is working on other potential projects. Our goal is to tackle one project each year, could be big or small. If you have an idea that you think would fit well with the foundation or something that would be near and dear to Amanda’s heart please shoot an email to us at amandageisslerfoundation@gmail.com.